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storm. that means we don't have to put our crews in harm's way. >> our thanks to mat mendez, from our affiliate wtbd. that's maets making news on america this morning. >> get the lates live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. two breaking stories. a violent hostage scene ended with a deadly shot. and hurricane earl took aim at the eastern seaboard. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this early thursday, i am alison starling. . >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is in ocean city tracking hurricane earl. steve rudin is in the weather center with what to expect for
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the day ahead. >> looks nice for the immediate metro area. coastal flood advisory for later this afternoon. those are areas accustomed to title f. we have temperatures for the most part holding in the '60s and '70s. temperatures from north carolina although weather above network. we will show you temperatures of 75 in gaithersburg, 73 in fairfax. if the satellite and radar are quiet, but lower right-hand corner of the screen, hurricane earl pushing towards the north- northeast. we will keep up stated throughout the morning. first, let's look at the mosalla commute with lisa baden. a politic in the ashburn area of virginia. it is at ashburn village boulevard. overnight road work on eastbound
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66, the last exit to take you on to 495 north is still closed, but should open in 30 minutes. let's look at a picture of maryland, lifting of the beltway at route 4. quiet on the beltway at wilson bridge. looks good on the other side of town at bradley boulevard, to and from 270, a trip. looks fine in hyattstown. back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. police searched through the night for explosives that may have been left behind by gunmen who took three people hostage at the discovery channel building. the gunman was shot by police and killed. >> many questions remain. the incident unfolded in downtown silver spring at the discovery building. courtney robinson has the latest. >> we still have officers on the
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scene. you can see them in front of discovery headquarters. they are in and out of the building. it is a massive building. many offices. the man kept police at bay four operas yesterday. james lee. he walked into the main lobby at 1:00 yesterday afternoon with a handgun and explosives strapped to -- strapped to his body and carrying a backpack and boxes cobbles also believed to be explosives. he entered, shot, and told everyone ought to move. he took three men hostage. officers got him on the phone and started negotiations. at 5:00, officers had deal in their sights. he threatened a hostage and that is what sniper pulled the trigger ultimately killing him.
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according to silver spring as -- according to the silver spring is police chief, of the metal canisters exploded when he was shot. everyone is safe this morning. officers will be valid here for some time making sure silver spring is safe and the threat no longer exists because of the boxes that he had. yesterday we did hear the bombs of bringing out some of those boxes and disrupting the devices. back to you. >> thank you. montgomery county executive in leggett released a statement thanking the police department and the banking discovery channel workers for their
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bravery. if we have also received a statement from one of the hostages. jim wants to that the montgomery county police and all the agencies that responded for helping to ensure the safety of his colleagues at discovery communications. if >> we are learning more about the man at the center of this standoff. james lee rail against the discovery channel pose environmental programming for years before bursting into the company's headquarters. now more. >> he protested the cuts i discovered general headquarters repeatedly. he was wary about the environment and overpopulation. he said that discovered programs cause more harm than good. in 2008 and february t-notes a weeklong protest and threw fistfuls of cash into them and was arrested for disorderly conduct and ordered to stay 500 feet away from the headquarters as part of his probation.
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two weeks ago that order was lifted. james lee clinton returned. >> unbelievable. >> he told police that he lived in silver spring on colonial lane, the center for always just down the street from the discovery of the building. he reportedly paid always people to join in this protest. but the program director said that he did not use their services, all legal address. >> he used it for mail pickup and not any other service. >> the 43-year-old described himself as an atheist not wanting children on myspace and was inspired by al gore and an environmentalist. he wanted nothing more than to save lions and tigers and elephants and that the planet does not need human beings, he said. >> we also use some of the most
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dramatic pictures in silver spring, later. hurrricane noel is still on track to sideswipe the east coast, just in time for the holiday weekend. to prepare, virginia, maryland, and north carolina are under states of emergency. -- hurricane earl. adam caskey it's in ocean city. >> good to see you. good morning to everyone. this is a category 4 hurricane as of last night and remains that way. maximum sustained winds at 140 miles an hour or. to become a category 5, it would have to be 155. it is normal for the storm to go fluctuations in intensity. it could go down and up again.
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it will remain a major hurricane is the bottom-line. category 3 or later. it will thus be of the bank later on today or tonight. it is headed to the north at 18 miles an hour or. 460 miles south of cape hatteras right now. the biggest effect in ocean city will be later today and we feel the wind picks up close to bedtime. the seas will pick up as well. offshore, sees around 16 feet are anticipated. there will be higher claves and an increased risk of the tides along the beaches throughout later today, all day tomorrow. as for the holiday weekend at the beaches, the weather will be pleasant. sunny and breezy on saturday, great on sunday and monday. be careful swimming. >> the travel day is what will be impacted more than the weekend. thank you. 76 degrees outside.
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>> still ahead, good news for drivers. the computer problems at the the the mbeki could be fixed. >>
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it is a nice morning shaping up across the immediate metro area, temperatures in the low 70's.
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71 in fairfax, 70 in gaithersburg. clear skies on the satelliteearl is expected to impact the delmarva beaches tonight into early tomorrow morning -- earl is expected to impact delmarva. the bus stop forecast, 68-78. now to lisa baden. there's been an accident for commuters headed north into a frederick county, md. along 270. if it is northbound after 109 and is blocking the right lane. let's look at traffic headed south on 270 at 109. that is closest to the screen. traffic heading away from us looks good to montgomery county. 95 looks good between richmond and baltimore. 76 degrees on this thursday morning.
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>> still ahead, back in business. the commonwealth of statewide computer glitch should be fixed. >> a look back at some of the most dramatic pictures as people
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good morning. welcome back. looking at our top stories. authorities spent the night searching the discovery channel silver spring headquarters after a man took three people hostage yesterday afternoon.
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43-year-old james j. lee told them he had explosives strapped to his body. officers shot and killed film after at a four-dollar stand off. all hostages and eric. hurrricane noel moves toward the east coast. the storm is expected to stay offshore but it will come close enough to build up a strong serve and tropical storm force winds. israeli and palestinian leaders will meet today for their first face-to-face negotiations in nearly two years. president obama is cautiously hopeful. images of the evacuation at the discovery building where some of the most emotional. video of small children being wheeled out of the building struck a chord as the coverage of the situation unfold on national airwaves. there were worried workers and devastated day care providers. it was a carefully planned
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evacuation it in the wake of 9/11. they practice it every year. the p.a. system of london police to evacuate the building, but some employees remained trapped on upper floors. the vice president said a half- dozen employees volunteered to stay behind to police and hostage negotiators with telecommunications, plans, and other vital information. >> uighur able to watch this unfolds in real-time because of the screens. the hostages were phasedown. law-enforcement quickly to a covert and focused the cameras on the bombs and the shooters. some people had to flee the building without their children. >> i was anxious at first because they ran a salad of the building, but they did get the
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kids and a safely in a good manager. i cannot commend them enough. >> the children were rushed across the street to mcdonald's and then later to an apartment complex. the youngest infants will wield all of the building to safety in their cribs. dispersants two-year old daughter was in building. >> i was nervous. everything is fine. >> stay with us all morning for continuing coverage of this ev. it will finally be business as usual at the virginia dmv did it. computer problems that have plagued the agency have been fixed. licenses that expired will be valid another 20 days. offices will be open until 6:00 p.m. today and tomorrow.
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extra staff will be on hand. pepco will be on the hot seat again. tonight the maryland public service commission will hold another hearing on the utility's reliability and performance during the summer storms. it is at prince george's community college in love of this evening. pepco got an earful during a similar hearing on monday. it was a heated debate between adrian fenty and his chief rival vincent gray. they spoke before packed crowd. much of the focus was on the american. -- much of the focus was on the mayour. >> to hear the things people are saying about my husband that i know is not true is very painful. >> that was the mayor's wife.
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the mayor admitted that he has been called arrogant. early thursday morning, 75 degrees. >> making your living room and entertainment empires with apple. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. getting
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welcome back on this thursday morning. i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. adam caskey will have an update from ocean city on hurricane earl in a few minutes. there are quiet conditions across the detroit area. in the lower right-hand corner of the screen is earl getting ready to move northeast. it will impact the delmarva beaches and later on this evening. we have a coastal flood advisory for areas like old town alexandria. mostly sunny qantara today, low 90's. upper 60's tonight, low 70's. near 90 degrees tomorrow. a nice break from the heat and humidity in time for the holiday weekend. temperatures fall to the '80s for the daytime highs on saturday, sunday, monday. natalie scotton.
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-- lisa baden. >> 270 is on a delay southbound look at the crash northbound after 109. everything looks good in prince george's county. nothing between the toes and bridge and the 95 texted. -- nothing between the wilson bridge and the 95 exit. 76 degrees on this thursday.
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we have gotten used to announcements from apple. >> the new apple device unveiled on wednesday could be the most revolutionary yet. >> this is what it looks like. [applause] >> if apple has its way, you will be in charge of your television viewing. this box is slightly larger than your hand. the ceo unveiled watt avenue tv box that mary's television and will video -- that marries television and web video. >> if there is an episode i have not seen i can rent that episode.
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google tv.has the loyal >> nbc, cbs, and time-warner are holding out because episode could destroy things. syndication fees could suffer. could spell economic catastrophe for the networks. >> we do know that the landscape will be fundamentally changed. >> critics of the new apple seavey have begun. they say if you pay for something, you ought to devote to keep it. -- you ought to be able to keep it. >> everybody will have to adapt.
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thursday morning, september 2, 76 degrees. a lot more to come in the next hour or. >> three hostages held ad gunpoint. new details this morning about what happened at the discovery channel building. >> meteorologist adam caskey live in ocean city rarely are preparing for the impact of hurricane earl, the latest details coming up. "good morning washington" starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is shaping up to be a busy thursday morning. glad you are joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. we want to begin with a check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is live in

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